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M&As in the Indian Banking Sector - Strategic and Financial Implications

The Indian Banking sector has seen quite a few Mergers and Acquisitions in the recent past. What have been the motives behind these? What are their benefits and drawbacks? How is the future direction of the M&A scene in India likely to be?

Product Development Process in a Product Design Consulting Firm

With the growing competitiveness of Indian talent pool, is the product design industry all set to capitalize? What are the speed breakers?

The Tata Group: Challenges in Managing a Large Portfolio

As the Tata group marches ahead with close to 100 companies under one roof, does it make sense to hold on to each of them? If not, should some of them be spun off? A portfolio analysis of the group picks out the potential contenders.

Technology Wars: Competition Dynamics of the Wireless Spectrum in India

Regulatory changes in India have opened up the competition in the telecom industry. Will faster and cheaper win in the race for the next-gen wireless communication system?

Wendt India: Strategy Marries Organizational Structure

The framework of an organization is a vital component in its success. With globalization here to stay, how can a multinational firm best structure itself?

Securing Credit Cards Using Biometric Identification System

As the world grapples with increasing credit card frauds there seems to be a need to move towards more personalized ways of securing them. Is fingerprint verification the best way forward?

From Follower to Market Leader: Strategic Recommendations for Bajaj Auto Ltd.

With the launch of the Tata Nano, is it curtains for India’s premier two wheeler manufacturers? How can Bajaj Auto Ltd. develop its strategies to be a market leader?

Retail Promotions and Effectiveness

Understanding discounts from a customer perspective is critical to the success of any such offer. Read on to get insights on how customers value such offers.

Revitalising Women's Horlicks in India

Why is Women's Horlicks not fulfilling its promise? Are there strategies that can enable it to realize its latent promise?

Globalization of Tata Motors: Strategic Plan for the Future

Over the last decade of the 20th century, Tata Motors has been a forerunner in the globalization arena. However, with the domestic commercial vehicle market growing at a CAGR of 20% in the last 5 years and with the highway network across the country undergoing a dramatic expansion, the focus on globalization has declined. Given the current economic downturn, what should be Tata Motors' globalization strategy?

Indian Cement Industry: Can UltraTech be the next Market Leader?

UltraTech is now the second largest producer of cement and ranks third on profitability. In a dynamic market scenario, the company possesses huge potential but also faces tough challenges. What are these challenges and what must it do to become the number one player in the industry over the long run? Read on to find out.

Catapulting Indian Sports to Previous Glories

While cricket is the darling of the masses in India, hockey and football are often said to have received step-motherly treatment. What is the story behind the current state of affairs? Can something be done?

Rural Financial Intermediation: A study in tribal Areas of Jharkhand

Are the current models of rural financial intermediation getting adequate results? What changes need to be incorporated to increase the accessibility and availability of credit to rural areas?

Sequel making: A strategic choice for a film-maker

Until recently, sequels were not commonplace in Bollywood. What would make a third Munnabhai film tick?

Issues in Cellular Services in India : A Consumer Perspective

With the boom in the telecom industry and the increase in mobile penetration the Indian story has been the focus of many studies. However, the customer perspective is often lost out. A look at the concerns of customers and subsequent suggestions follow.

Navneet Publications - Adapting to Changes in the Indian Book Publishing Industry

Given the highly fragmented nature of the Indian book publishing industry, how should industry veteran Navneet Publications adapt? How should it capitalize on the current growth trends in the industry? A strategic analysis recommends the possible growth path.

Samsung India Software Operations: On Verge of a Radical Shakeup?

As Samsung India Software Operations seeks to manage its 2600 employees, what is the ideal organisation structure? How does Samsung Korea influence the culture? How will Samsung India face the current challenges?

Takeover of Privately Held Targets: An Indian Perspective

Are the bidder returns in the case of a takeover of a privately held always abnormally high? Read on for an in-depth analysis.

India's Anaemia Woes- A Study

Anaemia has been a major issue in India for decades, yet most Government initiatives have not been effective in curbing it. Should the Government relook some of its policies and measures taken to tackle Anaemia? A live study of several stakeholders in this issue reveals some pointers.

Are we ready to Do-It-Ourselves? Exploring DIY opportunities in India

Will Do-it-Yourself opportunities see widespread adoption in India?

India Entry Strategy of Auto Majors

Can global auto majors make it big in India?

Achieving Universal Primary Education: A Collaborative Model

Is there a need for a Government-NGO collaboration in Education?


Mr. Sanjay Kalra, Former CEO, Tech Mahindra

Sourav Mukherji, Associate Professor, on Knowledge Management in Indian Software Firms

Dr. Catherine Nickerson, Associate Editor, Journal of Business Communication (Sage)

Dr.Trilochan Sastry, Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Padmini Srinivasan, Assistant Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr.R. Srinivasan, Associate Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Vijaya Marisetty, Associate Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Rajeev Gowda, Professor, IIM Bangalore
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