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Public Healthcare - Paving the way for a Cost Efficient Drug Procurement & Distribution System

The current decentralized healthcare procurement system suffers from gross inefficiencies leading to high cost for the government. Will a centralized system be more efficient?

SNR District Hospital: Delivering Quality to the Poor

Government healthcare facilities for the poor leave a lot to be desired. Is the use of technology and imitation of the corporate hospitals the answer?

Liberalization of Indian Legal Services

Is it the right time to open up the Indian Legal Services industry to foreign players as well? Is the industry ready to take this massive change?

Disclosure Level of Indian Banks: International Comparison and Impact on Shareholder Wealth

As the disclosure norms for banks become tighter owing to RBI's intervention and the Basel accord, do they have any significant impact on shareholder wealth?

Rural Financial Intermediation: A study in tribal Areas of Jharkhand

Are the current models of rural financial intermediation getting adequate results? What changes need to be incorporated to increase the accessibility and availability of credit to rural areas?

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in India:
An Index-based Critical Perspective

Touted as engines of economic growth, SEZs have created quite a stir in the country in the past 4 years, raising several issues including adequacy of the provisions of the Act. Is our SEZ policy robust? If not, where does the gap lie? Is it in the conceptualization, implementation or governance?

The Real Climate Debate: To Cap or To Tax?

In a world faced with rising temperatures what is the best way to lower greenhouse gas emissions – a system that taxes carbon or one that caps the emissions?

Banking of Land Resources: A Framework

At present in our country the Land Resource is managed very ineffciently, as a result not being put to its best possible use. This article provides a framework for a Land Bank that can be used for efficient mobilization of the Land Resource

Measuring Confidence in Indian Public Institutions

Do people have confidence in Public Institutions? What parameters affect the confidence of the public in the government, and government bodies in general? How does this confidence vary across the various sections of society?

India and China: Analysis of Trade Relations with Africa using Gravity Models

In their race for economic superpower-hood, both India and China must approach trade relations with the African nations with a far-sighted strategic outlook. How have these countries fared so far and what should be the way ahead? This article uses an extremely interesting economic model inspired by Newtonian mechanics to probe these questions.

Operations Management in Indian Judiciary: Tapping the Potential

The increasing number of back log cases in the Indian judicial system has become a serious national concern now. With the voices of “justice delayed is justice denied” getting louder, can a solution be found by improving the operational efficiency of our judiciary?

India – Australia Trade: Prospects and Challenges

Exploring opportunities and challenges in India - Australia trade

India-Latin America Trade Relationship

Why is India lagging behind in its trade relationships with Latin America? Can it take certain cues from China?


Mr. Sanjay Kalra, Former CEO, Tech Mahindra

Sourav Mukherji, Associate Professor, on Knowledge Management in Indian Software Firms

Dr. Catherine Nickerson, Associate Editor, Journal of Business Communication (Sage)

Dr.Trilochan Sastry, Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Padmini Srinivasan, Assistant Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr.R. Srinivasan, Associate Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Vijaya Marisetty, Associate Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Rajeev Gowda, Professor, IIM Bangalore
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