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Wendt India: Strategy Marries Organizational Structure

The framework of an organization is a vital component in its success. With globalization here to stay, how can a multinational firm best structure itself?

Organisation Structure and Culture in an ITES Organization

The ITES sector is an interesting subject of study from an Organization Theory perspective, given the unique nature of the business. Read on to know more about the decision making processes, factors affecting the communication across organization, and ways of fostering organization culture of a leading ITES company.

Insights from Complexity Theory: Understanding Organizations Better

Can complexity theory be applied to better understand today’s organisation? A look at some insights on organisation structure and design drawing from this approach.

Nokia - Restructuring a Giant

Restructuring is often pronounced as a virtual impossibility in very large organizations. How then does a behemoth like Nokia use it as a tool to gain competitive advantage in an exceptionally dynamic market?

Schlumberger: HR Challenges in the Petroleum and Energy Sector

HR is a very important function in an organization, not only for its internal activities but also for its growth and expansion. To propel an organization forward, it is necessary to ensure that the motivation levels stay high at work. In the process, HR function faces challenges that are very different depending on the industry. A case in point is the oil extraction and refining industry. In this article, we present the different HR policies of a petroleum producing firm and its implementation.

SNR District Hospital: Delivering Quality to the Poor

Government healthcare facilities for the poor leave a lot to be desired. Is the use of technology and imitation of the corporate hospitals the answer?

Job stress and performance

Job stress can create or destroy. How does one maintain equilibrium in today's competitive work environment?

Measuring Confidence in Indian Public Institutions

Do people have confidence in Public Institutions? What parameters affect the confidence of the public in the government, and government bodies in general? How does this confidence vary across the various sections of society?

Pankhudi Foundation: From an Online Community to an NGO

How is it that an Orkut community grew into a productive NGO spread over six major cities? Read on to see how Pankhudi has been able to capitalize on the huge volunteer base in these cities.

The Leaky Bucket of Female Talent in the Indian IT Industry

Do indian women have to sacrifice their careers for their households?


Mr. Sanjay Kalra, Former CEO, Tech Mahindra

Sourav Mukherji, Associate Professor, on Knowledge Management in Indian Software Firms

Dr. Catherine Nickerson, Associate Editor, Journal of Business Communication (Sage)

Dr.Trilochan Sastry, Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Padmini Srinivasan, Assistant Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr.R. Srinivasan, Associate Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Vijaya Marisetty, Associate Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Rajeev Gowda, Professor, IIM Bangalore
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