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Price Endings and Consumer Perception

What effect does a price of 1999 have compared to 2000? Is the Indian consumer price ending sensitive?

Branchless Banking by Corporation Bank - A Branding Perspective

Can branchless banking uplift the brand image of a traditional Indian nationalized bank? Did Corp bank get it right when they went for branchless banking? What should they do next?

Jumbo King Vada Pav - A Recipe for Success

The Vada Pav has firmly cemented its place as Mumbai's favourite fast. How can a fast food joint leverage the Mumbaikar's passion for Vada Pavs?

Marrygold: Misplaced Perception Due to Cultural Differences

When Shakespeare wrote, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", he definitely did not think of potential misperceptions due to cultural differences. But can a company afford to overlook that in this fast changing age?

Mobile Virtual Network Operator model in India

What is the potential for Value-added Services in the Indian Telecom Market? Will the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) model work in India? What factors should a possible new entrant in this space consider and what form should it take?

Revitalising Women's Horlicks in India

Why is Women's Horlicks not fulfilling its promise? Are there strategies that can enable it to realize its latent promise?

Retail Promotions and Effectiveness

Understanding discounts from a customer perspective is critical to the success of any such offer. Read on to get insights on how customers value such offers.

Brand management : The Kingfisher Airlines Saga

Despite the acquisition of the biggest low cost carrier in India, Kingfisher Airlines has recently lost ground to Indigo Airlines. Why did Kingfisher Red fail to take off?

Fair & Lovely : Redefining Beauty

Successful brands have sometimes been founded on controversial promotion. Can further growth be propelled by providing a different proposition?

Neo-N: Solar Panels and Solar Arrays

Mere existence of demand is not a guarantee for success in the growing market for solar devices in India. An entirely new approach to meet customer requirements is the way to go.

Rural Financial Intermediation: A study in tribal Areas of Jharkhand

Are the current models of rural financial intermediation getting adequate results? What changes need to be incorporated to increase the accessibility and availability of credit to rural areas? Marketing the Adventure Sports Concept

Is there a market for adventure sports in India? What exactly are the kinds of experiences that consumers are looking for? How can a company provide offerings that consumers want? Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

A Framework for Retail Communication Strategies

To fully harness the potential of emerging markets, retail outlets need to focus, among other things, on their communication strategies. This article proposes a framework for retail communication.

Image Advertising: The Advertising Strategies of Pepsi and Coca Cola in India

Marketing now operates on a more subtle, emotional level, and advertisements are all about creating the right image of the brand. Read on to see how the two Cola giants been able to carve their own niches.

Telecom Industry Pricing: Who is eating into whose Share?

How have pricing plans evolved in Indian Telecom industry? What are the different product lines offered by existing players like Airtel? Are they different from the ones offered by Tata Docomo? How has the entry of new players, such as Tata Docomo, MTS, and Uninor affected the Telecom industry in India?

Quality and Hygienic Fish Marketing in Karnataka

It has always been difficult to implement any kind of marketing model in commodity markets. This article presents a marketing model for the commodity market of fish.

Reviving a Declining Brand using Classical Conditioning

This article investigates brand decline and revival in the context of Classical Conditioning.

Market Entry Strategy in Platinum Jewellery Category

With the increasing demand for Platinum jewellery, what should a large, well-established brand do to succeed in this new segment?

Revival of a Footwear Brand using Attitudinal Dimensions

Application of Change in Consumer Buying Behaviour to Revive a Brand in Footwear Industry

Mahindra Logan Brand Positioning: Turning over a New Leaf

Reinvention for Mahindra Logan, will it work out?

Personality Theories, Impulse Purchases and Chocolates

How important are personality traits in designing brand communication?

Trailers as Effective Means of Movie Advertisements

What makes a movie trailer effective? Does it really affect movie revenues?

Slow moving goods in FMCG segment: A study

Why are some FMCG products classified as “slow moving goods”?


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